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So you're getting married...

Weddings are great. A celebration of 2 lives becoming one and embarking on a lifetime shared adventure.

That's the good part. The stressful part begins with the ceremony and reception. We have some tips to help with the transportation part of that.

  • Many of your guests will provide their own transportation or use a ride share. Guests leave rehearsal dinners and receptions for their own adventures. You probably don't need as much capacity as you think.

  • Weather is variable and umbrellas are really important. Golf umbrellas for $4.99 each are available at the checkout of any Home Depot in the big orange box. Many colors and patterns are available.

  • Many venues restrict where vehicles may load and drop off guests. Venues also don't allow vehicles to stage on their property during the event. Most venues don't allow motor coaches to use their driveways.

There are many specific situations you'll encounter. We have the knowledge and experience to help. All of our wedding proposals include a complimentary on site dispatcher to organize the transportation during your event.

For more information about your plan and the vehicles you might need, call our Logistics people at 305-306-5466 EXT 2 and we'd be glad to talk.

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