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How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?

We have live 24/7 reservations and dispatching services to fulfill your ASAP needs. Depending on where you are, about 60 minutes is what we need. For long distance rides, we like 3 hours advance notice. For most point-to-point and night-on-the-town reservations we suggest at least 1 day notice. For large events and weddings occurring in a non-peak season we suggest a minimum of four weeks notice. For large events, weddings, and proms occurring in a peak season we suggest a minimum of 8 weeks. Please note our fleet is subject to availability until reserved; please do not hesitate to contact us directly at your earliest convenience to inquire our transportation services so our experienced staff may assist you.

Will I be charged if I cancel my reservation?

Please notify us by phone as soon as possible of any cancellations or changes to your plans. Please also follow this up with an email. There is no cancellation fee outside of 2 hours for LUX Sedan and SUV rides, 24 hours for all others, unless the ride is during a peak period such as Art Basel. A minimum cancellation of 7 days is required in those cases.

What happens if I am unable to meet my vehicle at the specified time?

All “no shows” will be billed. Hourly charters will be billed the charter minimum for Motorcoaches, Minicoaches and Executive Sprinters. Sedans and SUV charters will be billed the local transfer rate. Transfers will be billed the local transfer rate.

Can I have alcohol in the vehicles?

Absolutely no company in Florida may provide alcohol without a liquor license. However, you may bring your own beverages. We do provide bottled water in all limousine style vehicles, and provide bottled water for each guest in Sedans/SUVs. Please note that while it may be legal to partake in libations inside of the vehicle, it may be prohibited to have the alcohol outside of the vehicle depending on location. Glass containers aren't allowed on the motorcoaches. Please let us know if champagne is being served as the bucket and glasses aren't standard items in our vehicles and the chauffeur must pick them up at our office.

Why are some rates not available online?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We value personal contact with our clients and like to discuss exactly what each client’s transportation needs are. We are a full service company that offers customized, private chauffeur service in a variety of vehicle styles, and by being able to talk to you we can ensure that all your requirements will be met. If you need more information, please call our office @ 305.306.5466.

What about child seats?

We provide forward and rear facing child seats and booster seats. We cannot guarantee the size of the rear facing child seats when used as a seat for infants. There is a $10 charge per seat provided. By statute, parents must install, and are responsible for, the child seats in any of our vehicles, whether provided by AventuraRide or the guest. We have referenced the relevant Florida Statute here.

What is included in "All Inclusive Pricing"?

"All Inclusive Pricing" means we don't add any fees or surcharges to our rides. You won't see inexplicable line items on your invoice. We have no mystery fees. We strive to provide transparent pricing and a seamless luxury transportation experience. Prices given on this site for transfers include the following: 15 minutes of boarding time at pickup. Airport domestic pickups include 45 minutes of waiting time, airport customs flights include 60 minutes. FBO and private charter pickups include the same if the tail number is trackable, if not, the ride is billed as an hourly charter from the ride spot time. Additional stops on transfers are billed at $20 and include 15 minutes of waiting time. Waiting time over 15 minutes is billed in 15 minute increments. For example, if a guest was scheduled to be picked up at 12:00 PM for a ride to the airport and boarded the vehicle at 12:28 PM, the guest would be billed waiting time for the 13 minutes beyond the grace period. Tolls and parking and event parking charges are billed at the same rate the chauffeur pays. The chauffeur will always use the Express Lanes unless specifically instructed otherwise. MIA domestic flights are about $7 total, MIA Customs is about $10 total. FLL parking is usually $3, tolls vary. If the client has a parking pass or other advance arrangements, we will not bill. If premium event parking is needed, please contact us at 305.306.5466 and we will go over the options for a particular event or venue. Hourly charters LUX Sedans and SUVs have a 2 hour minimum. Limousines and Executive Sprinters have a 4 or 5 hour minimum. All coaches up to 40 guests have a 5 hour minimum. Coaches over 40 guests have a 5 hour minimum.

Where do I meet my chauffeur at MIA, FLL or PBI?

There are 3 ways to meet your chauffeur at the airport. Baggage carousel, Customs or Curbside. Our standard method is to meet at the baggage carousel. The chauffeur will always text his contact information to you when the flight arrives. He will always have a name sign for baggage and Customs meets. If there are any issues or questions, our Dispatch Center may be reached 24/7 at 305.306.5466 Baggage meet- The chauffeur will meet you at the baggage carousel assigned to your flight with a name sign. Customs- The chauffeur will meet you in the Customs waiting area after you exit the security area at MIA, FLL and PBI with a name sign. Curbside- The chauffeur will text you his information when your plane lands. You proceed to the door you want to be picked up at and contact the chauffeur to advise them what door you are at. All of the doors at MIA have clearly marked door numbers, FLL is not marked as clearly and it is a little bit more difficult to connect. It is always easier, faster and more efficient to meet upstairs at the departures level at either MIA or FLL. The chauffeur is not allowed to stand at the curb, if you are not at the designated door when he arrives, he will have to circle around and re-enter taking 5-7 minutes at either airport.

What type of vehicle do I need?

What vehicle you choose depends on the purpose and the number of guests: LUX Sedan - Perfect for 2 guests, 2 large suitcases and 2 carry on suitcases. Golf bags with 2 guests must go in our LUX SUV. LUX SUV - Perfect for 5 guests, 6 for short rides. 5 large suitcases and a few carry on items. The seats can be folded down for more luggage room but less room for guests. Executive Sprinter - Executive style models are by Mercedes Benz. The Executive seats 14 including the front passenger seat. Executive Sprinters have upscale captain chair style seating and premium entertainment systems. Limousine Sprinters - Limo Sprinters have limousine seating with beverage areas, ppremium sound, video and lighting systems along with premium interior fitment. They are made by Mercedes Benz. Sprinters can be used for tailgate parties, concert or dinner transportation, wedding party transportation and shuttle work depending on the vehicle chosen. All of our Sprinters have bottled water for all guests, snacks, sodas and mixers can be provided but must be arranged beforehand. Mercedes Benz S Class- This is our premium LUX Sedan. It is perfect for 2 guests and their luggage. Ultimate Escalade - Our Ultimate Escalade is a white Cadillac Escalade engineered to fit up to 18 guests. It has a beverage bar, premium sound, lighting and entertaiment systems and upscale, limousine style seating. Rolls Royce Ghost - This one of our specialty offerings, it is great for weddings and celebrations where ultimate luxury is needed but the Phantom would be over the top. Rolls Royce Phantom - This extended wheelbase expression of ultimate luxury and presence is best for weddings. Taking the bride and her father to the venue, photos afterwards, then the new couple off to the reception is how we usually do it. We also have the "Drop Head" available. Party Coach - Up to 26 guests with upscale lighting, entertainment and wet bar. Upgraded limousine style seating. Not an ordinary coach. Mini Coach - Up to 38 guests and their luggage. Please be specific about the number of guests and the type of ride so we can pair the right vehicle for the right venue and ride. Motor Coach - Up to 57 guests and their luggage. Luggage of any type other than small, personal carry on items such as tote bags, back packs, briefcases and purses are not permitted in the seating compartments of our LUX SUV or Sedan fleet. This creates a dangerous situation for the chauffeur and the guests and is not permitted by our insurance company. Complete information about child seats is in the "What about child seats?" section.

What about FBO services?

We service all FBOs at all South Florida airports, MIA, OPF, TMB, FLL, FXE, PBI, BCT, MCO & ORL. We are experienced with crew relocation trips and are available for ASAP rides. MIA has SIgnature Aviation as it's only FBO. Tarmac access at Signature MIA is allowed only by prior arrangement, there is a fee of $150-250 per vehicle charged by Signature. Customs flights come through the General Aviation terminal and chauffeurs wait just outside the doors after security. FLL has Sheltair, National Jets, Jetscape and Signature. All allow tarmac access for pickup and drop off after checking in with the FBO. Customs is attached to the northern end of the Sheltair building, the chauffeurs wait outside the front doors in the driveway. OPF has Atlantic Aviation, Signature and Fontainebleau Aviation. All allow tarmac pickups and drops after checking in at the FBO. Customs is in a separate building next to Atlantic Aviation, the chauffeurs wait in the parking lot outside of the front door. FXE has Banyan, W and several other FBOs. All allow tarmac access after check in at the terminals. Customs is located in a separate building on the far eastern end of the field. The chauffeurs wait in a parking lot about 500 feet from the front door. TMB has Reliance and Signature. Both allow tarmac access after checking in with the terminal. BCT has Atlantic Aviation and Signature Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after checking in at the front door. MCO has Atlantic Aviation and Signature Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after checking in at the front door. Customs is located just north of Atlantic and the chauffeur waits at the front door after security. ORL has Sheltair and Atlantic Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after check in. PBI has Atlantic, Jet Aviation and Signature. All allow tarmac access after check in at terminals. Our billing procedure for trackable planes - We will spot and sign in 15 minutes prior to your ETA/ We allow 60 minutes wait time for Customs flights. If your plane is not trackable, we will spot 15 minutes prior to the ETA you designate. After 60 minutes of waiting, the ride will convert to a charter and bill at the hourly rate for the assigned vehicle. This is the most economical method for both the guests and the company. If more information is needed, please call Dispatch at 305.306.5466

What is waiting time?

If you exceed the time allocated for packages which have been quoted as a set number of hours, you will be billed in a minimum of 15 minute increments. For transfers and point-to-point services there is a 15 minute courtesy to allow guests to board. For domestic flight airport arrivals we allocate up to 45 minutes from the time of actual landing, and for international flight airport arrivals we allocate up to 60 minutes from the time of actual landing. Additional stops on transfers are billed at $20 and include 15 minutes of waiting time. We won't bill for a stop at a favorite coffee shop to pick up a guest's morning beverage on the way to the airport. That happened to me once and I was livid, especially since I treated the chauffeur to a coffee. Waiting time over 15 minutes is billed in 15 minute increments. For example, if a guest was scheduled to be picked up at 12:00 PM for a ride to the airport and boarded the vehicle at 12:28 PM, the guest would be billed waiting time for the 13 minutes beyond the grace period.

How about groups, weddings and celebrations?

We are happy to help with those. The first step is to call our Groups and Events coordinators to discuss your event. We have a variety of options to serve every need and most budgets. We will go over your event with you and give you our recommendations. Then we can scale up or down to meet budgets and exceptions. All of our packages include a complimentary onsite transportation coordinator to make sure your event runs smoothly.

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