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The AventuraRide Affiliate FAQ

What is the cancellation policy?

Please notify us by phone as soon as possible of any cancellations or changes to plans. Please also follow this up with an email. There is no cancellation fee outside of 2 hours for LUX Sedan and SUV rides, 24 hours for all others, unless the ride is during a peak period such as Art Basel. A minimum cancellation of 7 days is required in those cases.

What is the no show policy?

All “no shows” will be billed. Hourly charters will be billed the charter minimum for Motorcoaches, Minicoaches and Executive Sprinters. Sedans and SUV charters will be billed the local transfer rate. Transfers will be billed the local transfer rate.

Alcohol in the vehicles?

Absolutely no company in Florida may provide alcohol without a liquor license. However, you may bring your own beverages. We do provide bottled water in all limousine style vehicles, and provide bottled water for each guest in Sedans/SUVs. Please note that while it may be legal to partake in libations inside of the vehicle, it may be prohibited to have the alcohol outside of the vehicle depending on location. Glass containers aren't allowed on the motorcoaches. Please let us know if champagne is being served as the bucket and glasses aren't standard items in our vehicles and the chauffeur must pick them up.

What about child seats?

We provide child seats. By statute, parents must install, and are responsible for, the child seats in any of our vehicles, whether provided by AventuraRide or the guest. We have DOT Certified forward facing seats, rear facing seats and booster seats. There is no charge for child seats. We have referenced the relevant Florida Statute here.

What is included in "All Inclusive Pricing"?

"All Inclusive Pricing" means we don't add any fees or surcharges to our rides. You won't see inexplicable line items on your invoice. We strive to provide transparent pricing and a seamless luxury transportation experience. Prices given on this site for transfers include the following: 15 minutes of boarding time at pickup. Airport domestic pickups include 60 minutes of waiting time, airport customs flights include 90 minutes. FBO and private charter pickups include the same if the tail number is trackable, if not, the ride is billed as an hourly charter from the ride spot time. Additional stops on transfers are billed at $20 and include 15 minutes of waiting time. Waiting time over 15 minutes is billed at $1 per minute in 1 minute increments for LUX Sedans & LUX SUVs. All other vehicles are billed at 1/60th of their hourly rate. For example, if a guest was scheduled to be picked up at 12:00 PM for a ride to the airport and boarded the vehicle at 12:28 PM, the guest would be billed waiting time for the 13 minutes beyond the grace period. Tolls and parking and event parking charges are billed at the same rate the chauffeur pays. The chauffeur will always use the Express Lanes unless specifically instructed otherwise. MIA domestic flights are about $7 total, MIA Customs is about $10 total. FLL parking is usually $3, tolls vary. If the client has a parking pass or other advance arrangements, we will not bill. If premium event parking is needed, please contact us at 305.306.5466 and we will go over the options for a particular event or venue. Hourly charters LUX Sedans and SUVs have a 2 hour minimum. Limousines and Executive Sprinters have a 4 or 5 hour minimum. All coaches up to 40 guests have a 5 hour minimum. Coaches over 40 guests have a 5 hour minimum.

Where does the chauffeur greet at MIA or FLL?

There are 3 ways to meet a chauffeur at the airport. Baggage carousel, Customs or Curbside. Our standard method is to meet at the baggage carousel. The chauffeur will always text his contact information to the guest when the flight arrives. He will always have a name sign for baggage and Customs meets. If there are any issues or questions, our Dispatch Center may be reached 24/7 at 305.306.5466 Baggage meet- The chauffeur will meet the guest at the baggage carousel assigned to your flight. Customs- The chauffeur will meet in the Customs waiting area after the guest exits the security area at MIA, FLL and PBI with a name sign. Curbside- The chauffeur will text his information when the plane lands. The guest proceeds to the door the guest wants to be picked up at and contacts the chauffeur to advise them of the door number. All of the doors at MIA have clearly marked door numbers, FLL is not marked as clearly and it is a little bit more difficult to connect. It is always easier, faster and more efficient to meet upstairs at the departures level at either MIA or FLL. The chauffeur is not allowed to stand at the curb, if the guest are not at the designated door when he arrives, he will have to circle around and re-enter taking 5-7 minutes at either airport.

What about FBO services?

We service all FBOs at all South Florida airports, MIA, OPF, TMB, FLL, FXE, PBI, BCT, MCO & ORL. We are experienced with crew relocation trips and are available for ASAP rides. MIA has SIgnature Aviation as it's only FBO. Tarmac access at Signature MIA is allowed only by prior arrangement, there is a fee of $150-250 per vehicle charged by Signature. Customs flights come through the General Aviation terminal and chauffeurs wait just outside the doors after security. FLL has Sheltair, National Jets, Jetscape and Signature. All allow tarmac access for pickup and drop off after checking in with the FBO. Customs is attached to the northern end of the Sheltair building, the chauffeurs wait outside the front doors in the driveway. OPF has Atlantic Aviation, Signature and Fontainebleau Aviation. All allow tarmac pickups and drops after checking in at the FBO. Customs is in a separate building next to Atlantic Aviation, the chauffeurs wait in the parking lot outside of the front door. FXE has Banyan, W and several other FBOs. All allow tarmac access after check in at the terminals. Customs is located in a separate building on the far eastern end of the field. The chauffeurs wait in a parking lot about 500 feet from the front door. TMB has Reliance and Signature. Both allow tarmac access after checking in with the terminal. BCT has Atlantic Aviation and Signature Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after checking in at the front door. MCO has Atlantic Aviation and Signature Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after checking in at the front door. Customs is located just north of Atlantic and the chauffeur waits at the front door after security. ORL has Sheltair and Atlantic Aviation. Both allow tarmac access after check in. PBI has Atlantic, Jet Aviation and Signature. All allow tarmac access after check in at terminals. Our billing procedure for trackable planes - We will spot and sign in 15 minutes prior to your ETA/ We allow 60 minutes wait time for Customs flights. If the plane is not trackable, we will spot 15 minutes prior to the ETA designated in the reservation. After 60 minutes of waiting, the ride will convert to a charter and bill at the hourly rate for the assigned vehicle. This is the most economical method for both the guests and the company. If more information is needed, please call Dispatch at 305.306.5466

What is the affiliate discount and membership?

We value our affiliate relationships as professionals serving professionals, we require membership in the NLA or a state or local professional livery association to be eligible. Affiliates may visit our website, open an account and enter their own reservations. The promo code "affiliate" gives a 10% discount to the all inclusive rate, we don't add anything else to our all inclusive rate so the discount is actually well above the industry standard. Our local transfer in a LUX Sedan is $80.10 after discounting plus tolls and parking. Our LUX Sedan hourly charter rate is $44.10 plus tolls and parking with a 2 hour minimum. We use Limo Anywhere so affiliate tracking is available, our chauffeurs use the Driver Anywhere app.

How are payments processed?

All rides are secured by a credit card provided at the time of the reservation. The card is authorized for the transfer rate or the hourly minimum for the vehicle. At the conclusion of the ride or the next calendar day, the card is charged for the total including all tolls and parking. The affiliate discount is always applied to eligible accounts prior to the pre-authorization and also at the final charges. Receipts are sent daily in the Limo Anywhere standard format. Affiliate electronically authorizes, via Digital Signature, AventuraRide to apply charges to the credit card on file for: damages, additional hours, waiting time, unusual cleaning fees, lost or stolen vehicle components or any down time due to any of the above Payment questions go to We do not extend credit to any account and always pay our affiliates at the conclusion of the ride by transfer or credit card, whichever is requested.

What is the waiting time policy?

Waiting time must be approved in advance by our office. Chauffeurs must code with our office by phone at 305-306-5466 for any waiting time to be paid. All vehicles have a 15 minute grace period at pickup. At airports or FBOs, the grace period is 60 minutes from the time the plane arrives at the gate or the guest deplanes at an FBO. Sedan and SUV: After a 15 minute grace period, waiting time is paid at $1 per minute. All other vehicles: After a 15 minute grace period, waiting time is paid at 1/60th of the hourly rate per minute. Prices used for calculations - We will pay the agreed affiliate rate for hourly waiting times except for sedans and suvs, they will be paid at $60 per hour. We will pay the same number of minutes we charge the guest. Increments are per minute.

What is the chauffeur uniform?

All of the NLA COVID instructions must be followed. A black suit with white shirt and an appropriate tie. Black dress shoes, please.

How should the vehicle be set?

All of the NLA COVID instructions must be followed. The vehicle should be black on black with only legal jurisdiction markings. Business cards should be unbranded. The only thing in the passenger compartment should be an Apple charging cord.

An Introduction...

We have set this page up to set our expectations and let you know the services you will receive when booking with us. Anything we ask of our affiliates is drawn directly from our policies and procedures. It gives the guest a seamless transition and let's them know what to expect. Any suggestions or constructive criticisms are welcome at